Innovation is the most effective instrument that enterprises can use in order to strengthen their position in today’s markets. Our country still finds it hard to create a network to exchange experience and knowledge between companies and research centres in order to translate innovation into concrete practices.

Scuola Nazionale Servizi aims to develop a dialogue between purchasers, enterprises, customers, Universities and between young technicians and professionals, so that innovations can become management and technical models in everyday use.

Experimentation, diffusion of the “Open Facility Management“ model

OPEN FACILITY MANAGEMENT Managing procurement contracts through Facility Management (FM) is a complex and articulated activity. The main difficulties are related to the integration and coordination of very different services and to ensure the client’s satisfaction on different levels (customers/ purchasers and end-users).

In order to manage these difficulties, it is essential not only to plan a suitable system for the provision of services but also to make it as flexible as possible in order to adjust it to the changing circumstances of the FM (such as changes in the needs of end-users, growth in the level of requested services, etc…)

The proposed solution is named Open Facility Management. OFM is a management model which is based on the openness of the parties (hence its name) to changes of the FM, actual or potential, such as new needs of end users, new technological opportunities, new organizational models, etc.

S.A.CE. - Hotel services in the sanitary sector

S.A.CE. - Servizi Alberghieri Centralizzati

The S.A.CE. System (Centralized Hotel Services) is a means to analyze and to innovate organizational models for the hotel services in
the sanitary section.
It has been tested at the St Maria of Terni Hospital with the help of the Universities of Udine and Siena.



The Service Report is a tool created and designed by the Scuola Nazionale Servizi with scientific contribution from Udine University, to compare the efficiency of services in the outsourcing of facility management. It identifies the 'good practices' in the externalisation of services and highlights key factors in its success.