S.A.CE. - Servizi Alberghieri Centralizzati

S.A.CE. System
A tool to improve hotel services in the sanitary sector

Hotel Services offered are:

The S.A.CE. System (Centralized Hotel Services) is a means to analyze and to innovate organizational models for the hotel services in
the sanitary section.
It has been tested at the St Maria of Terni Hospital with the help of the Universities of Udine and Siena.

The S.A.CE. Project starts from analyzing the organizational model used in the context under investigation to understand the areas
that need to be improved so that a more efficient and effective model can be put into practice.
The reviews involve not only the Hospital Institution and its hotel services carried out by hospital personnel, but also the companies
that deal with external services, in a way to obtain a complete picture of the workings of the hotel services themselves.
A reorganization of the hotel services is projected together with a logical integration and centralization, and consequently a redefinition
of the personnel tasks, aiming to achieve savings with the same quality of service as regards performance and service quality